Electronic Pest Chaser – Cherry Trees


I volunteer at a Scout camp and have many Cheery Trees, BUT the Cubs and Scouts can not get to the fruit as the Animals get there first.
Where can I obtain an Electronic repellent to hang in the trees?

Thank you


Fruit trees provide an easy meal for foraging animals and birds. The best way to keep the birds out is to place a net over the top of the fruit tree. You need to make sure to sure the net in the ground so that birds cannot sneak through.

To prevent squirrels from climbing trees you might like to try to hang shiny, wavy and noisy things in your fruit tree. This can be anything from strips of aluminum foil, pie plates, old CDs, anything that will spin in the wind and make shiny flashes of light, to simple ribbons of brightly colored material that will blow in the wind and create motion and movement in the tree that squirrels are not accustomed to. Unfortunately, squirrels will eventually figure out there’s no danger, so switch them out for other items every couple of days.

As Master Gardeners we provide the public with sustainable horticultural practices, as such we do not recommend individual retailers, landscapers or nurseries. If you are looking for electronic repellants I would suggest an online search. I was able to find several retailers when entering “electronic animal repellant on Goggle.

Good Luck with your search.