emerald cedar


Windsor, ON. Jul.8th, I have one cedar. This was its first winter. 5 ft. Although it was wrapped in the winter, it suffered some browning. It is recovering with frequent slow watering. I understand to water into fall. My question is about fertilizing: I bought golfgreen 30-10-10 but it is hot, cooling at night over the next couple days. Can I fertilize if I keep watering regularly? soon it will be too late for fertilizing . Aline


Hello Aline,

The Emerald Cedar is a very popular choice, especially for hedges, so we do get a lot of questions about them. Here is the thoroughly detailed response we gave to another gardener who inquired about browning. It deals with soil, watering, and fertilizer, so this is a great all-round guide to care for your tree.  https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/askagardener/dying-and-browning-emerald-cedars/

As you will see from the answer above, July is not too late for fertilizer, and deep watering is more beneficial than frequent watering.

Good luck with your new tree!


Dying and Browning Emerald Cedars*