Emerald Cedars


I planted five Emerald Cedars this year, they were purchased at a big box store. They are all doing well, but I would like to move them, placing them along the backyard fence. I will be adding more new Emeralds next spring also along the same fence. Is it too late to re-plant the Emerald Cedars? If not, is there anything in particular that I should or should not do? I read that fertilizer should not be added.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

You can definitely transplant your recently planted cedar trees. It is far better to transplant when the weather cools off, so September would be the optimal time. Transplanting in hot weather can be quite stressful for plants.

When you are ready to transplant choose a cool and overcast day, and work as quickly as you can. Water your plants thoroughly the day before you plan to move them. When you dig your plants up, try to disturb their roots as little as possible, and bring as much of the root as you can with the plant. Once plants are dug up, they should be moved as quickly as possible. If you need to leave your plants while you dig the new hole make sure their root balls and surrounding soil are well wrapped in damp newspaper or burlap and they are placed in a cool, shady location.   When you are replanting, make sure your hole is big enough and put a good handful of organic material such as compost in the bottom. Put the plant into the hole and fill it approximately halfway with water, permitting the water to run out. This settles the soil surrounding the roots. Fill the hole with soil, and press down gently around the plant to ensure there are no pockets of air in the soil.   Once all your plants are in their new location, it is a good idea to add a top dressing of organic material. Water thoroughly, and make sure you continue a program of watering daily for the next few weeks to help your plants establish themselves.