Emerald Cedars


We have a very sunny lit property with an area already covered with emerald cedars, but would like to complete the remainder of the property with them (around 50 feet). When is the best time of year to plant, now in the fall? Could you provide us with trusted contacts for planting servicing the downtown toronto area? thank you


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Spring is best time to plant a tree. Coniferous trees prefer to be planted from mid to late spring when the soil has begun to warm up. The cooler days of autumn are the second best time to plant. Trees planted early in the fall would have a few months to establish some roots before freeze up.

There is information on planting trees, including timing, in the Toronto Master Gardener Gardening Guide: Planting a Tree: A Toronto Master Gardener Guide

If you do end up planting this fall, make sure to water the tree well until the ground freezes to ensure that the roots are able to access as much moisture as possible. Another factor to consider when planting in the fall is the limited selection of sizes and types of trees.

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