Eradicating Trumpet Vine



I was doing research on how to get rid of Trumpet Vine in the garden and came across your website. We would like to get some advice from you.

We are living in a semi-detached house and used to have a very good relationship with our neighbors on the side with a shared walkway between the two houses. We don’t talk to them anymore as we could not agree on how to get rid of / control the Trumpet Vine.

These Trumpet Vines were planted on their property. They built a new fence parallel to the old fence so that the main stumps are between the two fences.

Would you please provide some advice?


Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans), native to North America, is a fast growing perennial vine that is notoriously difficult to remove.  It self-seeds as well as reproducing from its underground rhizomes.  You will not need to worry about self-seeding, but because it proliferates rhizomatically, you will have to be vigilant in spotting shoots as they emerge in your garden, and dealing with them by either repeated mowing or by cutting them off with a sharp hoe as soon as they appear.  On your side of the fence, with regular effort, you should over time be able to eradicate trumpet vine by destroying shoots as they emerge: this will result in less frequent sprouting and the eventual demise of the plant’s rhizome system – but this may take a few years.

Toronto Master Gardeners researched this question in response to another query.  You can find that earlier answer here: Many articles about eradicating trumpet vine recommend the use of pesticides.  It is important to note, as this answer does, that glyphosate, a Class 9 pesticide, is banned for cosmetic use in Toronto.