Erosion Prevention


I’m in Zone 4b and want to help sustain a bank from further erosion & loss of large trees with exposed hanging roots.. At bottom of bank is very small creek (about 20 feet down). There’s not much more than 1-3 hr direct sun. Can you suggest a fast growing tree to plant along the top? Might weeping willow work?


Protecting a property from erosion on a sloping area can be challenging. Weeping willows are very useful to preventing erosion. Weeping willows however wouldn’t work in your situation because they require full sun to partial shade and this area on your property is very shady. Some of the standard practices to reduce soil erosion include:

The other thing you might consider is pursuing a consultation with a professional landscaper to get some ideas of what would be appropriate for this area. You will find a list of professional landscapers at this site:

For more information, please refer to the following links but be sure to check hardiness zones for listed plants: