Espalier – Plum


Hi – I live in Cobourg, about 2 blocks from Lake Ontario. Zone 5 I think. The planting location will be against a garage wall with a southern exposure.
My questions are:
1. What are the hardiest varieties?
2. Are espaliered plants obtainable?
3. Would there have to be 2 for pollination?

Thank you


Espalier – Plum Tree

Thank you for submitting your question to the Toronto Master Gardeners.  It sounds like you have an exciting and ambitious project.  Your sunny location sounds perfect.  If there is some wind protection, even better.

Toronto Master Gardeners are not permitted to recommend specific Nurseries or Growers, however you may want to consult Landscape Ontario to identify and retailer near you  You may be able to find an already espaliered plum tree, although apple and pear are more common.  If you choose to espalier the trees yourself there are many resources to help with this.  I have listed a few below but there are many more online from gardening magazines and blogs, university horticultural departments and horticultural societies

Fine Gardening

University of Florida Extension

Royal Horticultural Society

Plum tree pollination is tricky as not all varieties can pollinate with one another.  Look for a self-fertile or self-pollinating variety.  This may be easiest as you are only planning two trees.

Best of luck!