Eugenia Topiary*


I have a Eugenia topiary outside in a large urn; it can freeze here in Portland Oregon.  Temps can get down to 30 degrees F (-1 C)  some nights.  I covered it with plastic last night, will this protect it?  I cannot bring it inside.  It is really beautiful.  It looked fine but will have to cover it for a few more nights.  Do you think it can make it through the winter?


Eugenia is an Australian evergreen plant and only grows outdoors year round in plant Hardiness Zones 10 and 11.  It enjoys optimum temperatures ranging between 70 – 80 degrees F (21 – 26.5 degrees C).

Even with foliage protection, I do not think your plant will survive a cold northern winter outdoors, as you are located in either Hardiness Zone 8b or 9a.  This is especially true as it is potted in an urn, where the roots will be subject to severe frost die back as well as the upper part of the plant.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  If it is still alive, see if you can find an indoor home where it can overwinter.