Evergreen tree for privacy in shade garden


I would like to plant a large (10ft. plus ) evergreen for privacy in a shade garden Toronto zone 6. Any suggestions what will do well with minimal sun?


There are a number of choices of tree for you to consider – some of these are also used for hedging.  See:

Consider how long the tree will take to reach the desired height, the spread of its branches (it may cast shade over many other plants in your garden or your grass), whether it makes a mess (e.g., sticky/gummy, drops needles, cones or other debris) and how it will look in your garden. It’s always helpful to walk around your neighbourhood to see the trees your neighbours have planted – most folks would be happy to share information about their trees.   Finally, consider speaking with someone at your local garden centre for their recommendations.

All the best in finding the perfect tree for your site!