Fallen Hydrangea


massive 20-25 foot came down with recent storm was up against a brick wall
who is the hydrangea expert ? help appreciated to contact the ASK person

The above email arrived in my inbox. I do not know this person Morty. I have copied and pasted his question and have included his email address above.
I have replied to the gentleman and informed him that I have forwarded his enquiry to Toronto Master Gardeners.
Dorothy Smyth


This question is somewhat tricky to answer because we do not know the variety of the hydrangea in question.

Since the hydrangea was up against a wall I will assume it was a climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris). Climbing hydrangeas climb by aerial roots that stick to surfaces. From the Toronto Master Gardeners Guide to Growing Hydrangeas:

“This is a large, slow-growing vine that needs structural support. Once established, it produces clusters of white, lacecap flowers in summer. This is a less hardy variety and may need winter protection in Toronto.”

In order to help this plant re-establish itself on the wall , you likely need to provide it with some form of structural support to hold it upright (e.g., ties or scaffolding) as an anchor while it works to re-attach itself to the wall via its aerial roots.  Alternatively, you could gradually or drastically prune this vine. See this previous Toronto Master Gardeners post for information about pruning climbing hydrangea.

Please feel free to submit more information about this plant along with a photo for a more detailed response.