Fast growing coniferous trees for privacy


I am looking to utilize the fastest growing coniferous trees to line a fence i have in order to provide privacy above the current 6′ height of the fence at an ideal height of full privacy being around 15′ . I am also hoping for a species that doesn’t have a huge spread at the base of the tree as not to consume any more lawn space then necessary. the fence line offers full sun from sunrise until about 4pm before it is blocked out by the existing fence. soil conditions are clay but usually moist. The location is Kitchener, Ontario which i believe is classified as Zone 5/6?
Looking forward to your expertise with any information and suggestions your can provide.



One of the fastest growing coniferous trees used for hedging is the white cedar.   Yews are lovely and grow more slowly than cedar, and generally are not as tall.

However, as a first step in finding your ideal tree, I recommend that you search on our website, using the words “hedge” and “privacy”.  You’ll find documents like:

All the best in finding the hedge that is perfect for your yard!  Information on the above sites should help you narrow the options.  It’s the end of April and now is a great time to head to the nursery to see what’s available and speak to the experts there!