Fence to be built close to cedar hedge


We have a problem. I hope you can give us some advice We have a 25 year old 6 ft cedar hedge between our property and the neighbour The neighbour wants to build a 6ft fence up tight to our hedge (there is minimal room between the houses) Will this kill or damage our hedge


From the information you provide, it’s not clear what kind of fence your neighbours are considering – e.g., wood, lattice, mesh.

You mention that the fence will be built very close to your hedge.  If it blocks sunlight from getting through to the hedge, the side of the hedge that faces the fence will likely lose some fullness, and it’s possible that the health of the entire hedge will be affected.  However, if the hedge is otherwise healthy and getting enough light, it may be alright.  It’s not possible for us to tell you for sure.

The following links may be helpful:

  • A previous response on the Ask a Master Gardener site, Cedar hedge against a neighbour’s new wood fence.  This highlights that the cedar needs from 4-6 hours of sunlight each day.  If one side of the hedge does not get enough sunlight, that side will not thrive and may die back.  You may also want to consider contacting an arborist/landscape expert, click on the link to Landscape Ontario in this previous response.
  • SF Gate. How Close to a Wooden Fence Can You Plant Cedar Trees?  This looks at the issue of planting cedar trees near a wooden fence – I know this is a different perspective from your concern where new fence is to be built next to an existing hedge.  However, it is interesting to note that, depending on the height and spread of the cedar, the recommended distance between the fence and hedge will vary.

Fences and other barriers between properties can be the source of grief for property owners, I hope that you and your neighbours can agree to work together for the best solution possible.