I live at Queen and Parliament with a good size yard for my location. I’ve tried to grow several different ferns with lousy results. Over the last 15 years I’ve enriched the soil with manure and peat and have tried the ferns both in sunny and shady places. Any suggestions to what kind of fern I might have better success with would be very welcome. Thank you,


Ferns are a great choice for any garden.  They come in a vast array of sizes, textures and shading.  They have long seasonal interest and contribute a lush but delicate texture to your garden.  As a woodland plant, most ferns prefer shady conditions, with rich organic soil, sufficient moisture, and protection from harsh sun and drying winds.   However, there are varieties that can tolerate more sun and dryer or wetter conditions. 

The Toronto Master Gardeners have produced a Gardening Guide for ferns that can be found here.  The guide provides useful information on optimizing growing conditions for ferns, and tips for maintaining healthy plants.  The Guide also includes a substantial list of ferns with details on their unique characteristics and preferred growing conditions.  I am sure you will find some varieties that suit your growing conditions from this list.  Good luck!



Hardy Garden Ferns: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide