Fertilizing Plants – Banana Peels in Water


Is it good to water plants with banana peel water. And if yes how long do I soak the banana peels?


There is plenty of information circulating on the internet about soaking banana peels in the water you use for watering plants, as a kind of homemade fertilizer.  The Toronto Master Gardeners do not recommend home remedies, and so cannot provide advice on this question, except to make some points about the science behind it.

The idea here is that because bananas contain potassium, their peels will help plants by adding potassium to the soil.  It is important to note that different plants benefit from different ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the three components of commercial fertilizers.  Fertilizers come in many different formulations.

Banana peels are a form of plant-based organic matter, and can help your plants more efficiently when they are added to your compost bin with other plant waste.  As one popular Canadian garden writer puts it:

“Actually, banana peels are just an organic plant waste like so many others, best used in the compost bin, where a mixture of products, each with their strong points and their weak ones, combine to make a really great garden product: compost. Use, do compost your banana peels (along with other table scraps) and use the compost in your garden, just don’t expect miracles!”   https://laidbackgardener.blog/2020/02/10/are-banana-peels-really-miraculous-in-the-garden/

June 9, 2021