Fiddle leaf fig


There are spots on my fiddle leaf and I’m wondering if you can help me figure out what they are from:


Looks to me like the leaf in your photo is showing signs of drying out. Fiddle leaf figs (Ficus lyrata) are native to tropical Western and Central Africa so thrive in warm, wet, still conditions. It isn’t always easy to provide the ideal conditions indoors.

First, assess your watering practices which are often the trickiest part of caring for houseplants. Aim to keep the soil consistently moist but not soaking. Wait until the top inch of soil is dry. Then thoroughly drench until you see water draining out the bottom of the pot and leave it to slowly dry again. Insufficient water will cause new leaves to turn brown and eventually drop. The Missouri Botanical Garden recommends more frequent watering in the spring to ensure your plant has enough water to support new growth. Your plant may have been happy with the amount of water you provided through the winter but new growth has increased it’s requirement for moisture. Interestingly, too much water will cause the oldest leaves on the plant to turn brown and drop.

Finally, Fiddle leaf figs are also susceptible to drafts from windows, doors and air conditioning units which will also cause leaves to brown and drop. Has anything changed in this regard?

Some minor adjustments to your plant care practices should prevent further browning.