Flowering Shrub Recommendation


I’d like to plant a tall, flowering shrub along the west side of my yard.  There is a 4 foot fence along that side of the property so the shrub needs to be at least that tall.  My neighbour to the west is currently building a huge home so that area will shortly be in almost complete shade.




Hi Laurie –  As we discussed, I think hydrangeas would work very well on the shady, west side of your garden.  You mentioned that you are already growing a hydrangea with large, white flowers.  I expect this is Hydrangea aborescensAnnabelle’.  My own favourites are the panicle hydrangea which have the same long bloom time as ‘Annabelle’ but a taller, more upright form, conical flowers and more colour variety.  Varieties which are widely available are:

Quick Fire’ – up to 6-9 ft. tall with a spread of 6 ft – flowers start off white, mature to pink and turn almost red in the fall – foliage turns yellow and burgundy in the fall.

Limelight’ – up to 8 ft with a spread of 5 ft – bright, lime green flowers maturing to pink

Pinky Winky’ – up to 5 ft with a spread of 3 ft. – flowers start all white and mature to pink at the base creating a bi-coloured effect.

Other shrubs for shade to consider are:

Summer Snowflake’ viburnum (Viburnum plicatum tomentosum ‘Summer Snowflake’) – a rounded shrub 5-8 ft tall and 5 ft wide – white, lace cap flowers in May and sporadically through the summer (hence the name) – purple, red foliage in the fall

Mount Airy’ fothergilla (Fothergilla gardenia ‘Mount Airy’) – a compact, round shrub growing to 4 feet tall and wide – white, bottle brush flowers in spring – outstanding red-orange-yellow foliage in the fall.

Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.