New Hedge Plants in Victoria – Mulching and Irrigation


We’ve planted new plants against the east property line fence, which is sunny in the afternoon and evening. Question: we are going to mulch the new hedge emerald cedars with shredded western bark and use a soaker hose to irrigate. What’s better – if we place the soaker hose under or on top of the mulch?



Congratulations on your new emerald cedar hedge. Mulching and using a soaker hose to irrigate are great decisions. The soaker hose should be placed under the mulch, which reduces evaporation of water and aids in keeping the soil evenly moist, rather than just the mulch.

Questions about Emerald cedars are some of the most popular ones that we receive. Please refer to a similar question we received on soaker hoses for cedars for more information:

Good luck with your new soaker hose and I hope that you enjoy your new green and fragrant hedge.

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