Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam


Hi, Is ‘Frans Fontaine’ the narrowest kind of European Hornbeam tree? How tall and wide do they grow? Is the shape more pyramidal or columnar?
I’m looking for a kind of tree in columnar shape to form a tall hedge in a narrow strip, and can tolerate a lot of shade (almost no direct sunlight, open shade only).

Also, I heard hornbeams are more shade tolerant than beeches. Is it correct? Would beeches be able to survive in full shade?

I heard the American hornbeams can tolerate full shade. But, is there a columnar shaped cultivar?



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

With an increase in urban sprawl we receive numerous questions concerning the planting of tall columnar trees to form a privacy hedge.

Choosing a tall columnar tree to form a privacy hedge is from one of our archived posts. The homeowner asks a similar question to yours. You will also find a link to some of our other numerous posts concerning this very question.