Fruit Trees not Bearing


My pear tree and my plum tree did not produce any fruit this year.  I self pollinated them, saw some fruit in June.  I came back in July to find no fruit. Is it the ground hog living in my yard?



As promised in my phone call when we discussed the problem of your non-bearing pear and plum trees, here are some resources for further study. The most important piece of information you gave me about the trees was that they are still very young. Please be patient with them and allow the bees to do the pollinating.

Some of the possible reasons for the absence of fruit this year are listed below. Most of this list is taken from our website’s Q & A.
1. Health of the tree (including the sun exposition, water, soil, fertilization, pruning)

2. Environmental Issues (Too warm weather in winter, Too cold weather in spring)
3. Pollination Issues (Cross pollination, Spacing, Maturity, Bloom Time)

4. Some fruit trees are biennial bearing which means sometimes an abundant crop is followed by more than one lean year
Another complete answer is found on the Pennsylvania State University extension website:

I hope your trees eventually give you many years of delicious crops.