Garden edging


Looking for ideas on what edging I can use for the gardens to give a neat contained look.
– Have a lot of mulch, no plastic or interlock brick. Not sure what else I can use that does not stand out but has a neat look
Thanks you


You want to create a tidy look and you don’t want anything intrusive.  The most inexpensive and elegant way to edge the garden is to dig a simple trough between the lawn and the bed. There is nothing simpler and more effective.  Once you have created this break between lawn and bed, you can use all that mulch to prevent the lawn from creeping into the perennial bed. Undyed cedar mulch creates the most classic look of all. Since it is not drawing your eye to the ground, it acts to highlight the plants. As well, it is natural and not adding any chemicals to the garden.

You can find examples of this by searching videos for How to Edge a Garden Bed. I know you will love how this project changes the look of your garden. Remember that curving lines are more pleasing to the eye than straight lines.