Gardener to help with spring and fall garden clean up


O have a small sunny garden in West end Toronto. The front yard and back garden need raking and some pruning. Also edging along front walk. The picture I have is old and I have new fencing now. It gives you an idea of the density of the planting and plant variety.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about finding help to maintain your gardens. Your photo shows a winding pathway with different iris clumps, clematis on the fence and other perennials. The garden seems to be thriving and your request for basic garden maintenance will improve it even further.

Toronto Master Gardeners recommends Landscape Ontario to find a reputable gardener or landscape company. Their website below has a page where you can type in your location and requirements:

Landscape Ontario Find a Company

If you want to do some clean up or pruning yourself, the Toronto Master Gardeners website has a wealth of information on specific plants, trees and vines and their care.

Below are some of TMG Garden Clean Up links:

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Gardens are a source of great inspiration, tranquillity and wonder. Sometimes we all need help keeping their beauty under control. Best of luck enhancing your lovely backyard garden.