GEM Avocado Tree


I need to find a GEM avocado tree to plant in my green house. Can you please advise where to find it in Toronto?



What an interesting challenge you’ve set for yourself!  The GEM avocado is a variety of the Hass avocado patented by researchers at the University of California – Riverside.  Named after one of the principal researchers (Gary E. Martin), the GEM is slightly smaller and rounder than the Hass, and matures later in the season. It is prized by commercial growers for its high yield, and loved by consumers for its rich, creamy flavour.  Here is a link to an interesting news story in the opportunities for the GEM avocado to California growers.

The GEM avocado has been developed as commercial variety, and is made available to distributors and growers around the world under license.  As such, you may find it difficult to locate a local nursery that stocks this plant.  To locate a nursery in your area, go to the web site of Landscape Ontario.  Landscape Ontario is the professional association of the horticultural trades in Ontario. You’ll need to identify what type of business you are looking for (e.g., Garden Centres) and confirm your location and you’ll be provided with a list of nurseries in your area. Each entry will contain web site links and other contact information. Some of the sites have online product information.   Best of luck in your search!