Get rid of stinging nettle and a hops vine Leslie Street city garden plot


Get rid of stinging nettles around a garden plot fence that is growing and invading the plot.

Also get rid of a hops vine that I have dug up twice and it returns.

Location is Leslie Street City garden plot.


What a nuisance to have to deal with stinging nettles and hops vines

Stinging nettles can be controlled by removing plants by hand. However, it is important to wear gloves to protect skin from the stinging hairs. Ensure that the underground portion called rhizomes are removed or the plants will regrow. Please keep in mine that cultivating the soil may spread the rhizomes of stinging nettle, thus increasing the size of the population.

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In regard to the hops vine, the most effective to remove an invasive vine growing in the ground layer is to hand pull and uproot an area. When uprooting plants, be sure to tug at one vine at a time to limit the amount of soil disturbance. After removing a segment shake excess dirt off the roots and toss into a pile to dry out so it cannot regrow.

The article below deals with Japanese hops. You may find the photos helpful.

We wish you every success in ridding your garden plot of stinging nettle and hops vine.