Getting rid of weeds in driveway cracks*


How do we get rid of weeds that are growing up through cracks in the driveway asphalt?




In short, pulling out weeds by hand (or use a knife or screwdriver, whichever small tool works best) is the most effective method of getting rid of those weeds that are easy to loosen in the soil.  If you don’t get the entire root, many weeds might just keep coming.   As well, high power water sprays can remove some plant material from cracks in the driveway. Pouring boiling water over the asphalt cracks might work to kill the weeds.

Some resources suggest the use of household chemicals, but we are not permitted to recommend home remedies like this.  Some of these chemicals prevent anything from growing in the area.

Once you’ve removed the weeds, why not plant more desirable plants, like creeping thyme, brass buttons?  Use hardy groundcovers that can tolerate foot traffic and will keep the weeds at bay.  Landscape Ontario has a list Perennials for ground covers, which contains lots of great ideas for plants you might use in those little cracks.  Alternatively, consider patching cracks in the asphalt after you remove the weeds.