Gibberellic Acid


I was wondering where I can buy gibberellic acid in Toronto?  I want to use it on my flowers and help my garden grow.  I have found suppliers but they are all online, and cannot ship it to me in time.  Any help would be appreciated.


You will not find gibberellic acid available for home use in Ontario.  While it is a plant growth stimulator, it is also used as a pesticide and as such has restricted use in Ontario.  Since 2009 pesticide use for home lawns and gardens has been restricted to only certain lower-risk pesticides given the health concerns associated with long-term exposure – particularly for children.

Pesticides must be federally registered and provincially classified into one of 12 different classes before they can be sold or used in Ontario.  The class determines:

  • who can sell or use the pesticide products and
  • what restrictions are placed on its use.

Gibberellic acid is a Class 4 pesticide which means it is considered a hazardous substance and can only be used in home gardens on an exception basis when dealing with pests that are detrimental to human health.  It is used as a growth promoter on fruits and vegetables and as a pesticide for certain viruses in agriculture.

If you would like us to suggest alternative, more environmentally friendly approaches to the use of this product, please provide more information on what you are trying to achieve and the types of plants you are growing.