Globe cedar pruned in late fall*


Against my instructions, some overzealous landscape clean up people pruned our formerly gorgeous globe cedar late last fall. Any suggestions as to how to help it rejuvenate? Thank you so much!



While it is not ideal that your globe cedar got pruned in late Fall and entered winter in a stressed, weakened state, with a little TLC it should recover. In simplest terms: keep it well watered and well-fed. Infrequent but deep watering is best, and mulch to keep the soil moist. If the soil under it has not been amended for a few years, then add 2-3 inches of well-rotted manure, compost, or triple-mix in spring and fall (taking care to cultivate carefully as cedar has shallow roots). In May, June, and July, give it some evergreen fertilizer (e.g. 30-10-10) for a boost. For more details on how to take care of a globe cedar, please refer to the second half of the answer from a previous Toronto Master Gardener post, Pruning Globe Cedars