Globe Cedar


Hello. My global cedar has become very brown, it was green and healthy last fall. I live in a cold winter climate (Winnipeg). We did not have a lot of snow cover this past winter so the cedar was very exposed. I also notice rabbits have been snacking on it over the winter. Do you think it can be brought back to life, or is it dead.
Thanks for your assistance.


Thank you for your question to Toronto Master Gardeners.

Winnipeg is in a much colder Plant Hardiness Zone (3) than Toronto’s (5a). See the information on the Government of Canada  It is quite possible that the cold did kill your little cedar. However, if the rabbits are snacking, you might want to wait a bit before throwing it in the compost. According to one well established Ontario nursery’s information, Little Giant Globe Cedar (Thuja occidentalis ‘Little Giant’) should be hardy from Zones 3 to 9, but in Zone 3 it would be best to take winter precautions.

Here is a past answer to a similar query. The Internet link to the University of Minnesota contained within might be of interest to you since Minnesota’s climate is somewhat similar to yours

Wishing you a very sunny growing season.