Golden creeping jenny and gaura lindheimeri (pink cloud) *


The creeping jenny are in containers in a fence bracket & they beautifully trail down at least 3 ft – do I cut these trails off to the soil level before storing the containers undercover for the winter?
The lindheimeri is beautiful, bought it for $2.99 in a 4″ pot – it’s in full sun sitting in a large container presently filled with annuals – it is still flowering, do I cut it back and can I repot from the 4″ into the larger container and cover for the winter – it is presently about 3ft fall – loves the spot it’s in but should I move the larger pot to a more protected area for the winter?
I live in Richmond Hill Ontario. Containers are my only option as large trees are abundant & sun areas are specific so move-ability is important – thank you very much for your time – look forward to your advice.
-as a p.s. – coleus is my new friend – bought 3 in hanging baskets and on my sun/shade deck they are now 3ft+ tall and huge – can’t bring them inside but have heard that leaf cuttings can produce new plants to start inside for next year or is this process worthwhile & better just to buy next year already started in hanger – needless to say these plants are not “hanging” – they’re firmly on the deck!



The creeping jenny is quite hardy so yes just cut it down and over winter the rooted portion.

The Lindheimer “Pink Cloud” has a tap root so next year will likely need a deeper container anyway. The 4″ pot will not provide much protection so it would be a good idea to repot it into a bigger container because although it is hardy to zone 5 – 8 it doesn’t always overwinter well.

Taking cuttings from your coleus is a better way to overwinter them than taking the whole plant indoors as they often get leggy during the winter. I haven’t tried using a leaf cutting but cutting a 4- 6 inch length of stem just below a leaf node works well. Just strip off the leaves from the bottom half before potting them up and treat the same way as your leaf cuttings. Of course every spring the nurseries seem to come out with new ¬†exciting colours and patterns in coleus so buying new ones might be preferable.