grape vines*


Hi there, I would like to know where I can purchase green and red wine grape that I can tie and grow on my backyard fence. It is for hobby purpose.

I live near victoria park and st.clair, and our backyard faces south so we get lots of sunshine. However, we don’t know how well this plant will grow around our area and where to purchase them.

thank you for your help. Take care.




Hello!  thank you for reaching out to the Toronto Master Gardeners.

While we are not permitted to endorse any particular retailers ,  I can tell you that you should not have any problem finding grape plants in and around the GTA.  Do visit a reputable garden center and make sure that the variety you are purchasing are hardy in our climate zone.

The most winter hardy variety is Vitis labrusca it is used mainly for juice and fruit.  Vitis vinifera, which is used for wine making is less hardy, but still fine for our climate in the GTA.

Both varieties of Vitus require thorough site preparation and intense pruning.  You may also have to invest in supports for your grapes.  I have attached two links to sites you will find very useful

This Omafra site is very detailed and  is specifically directed to commercial grape growers, but the paragraph on pruning is very good and has some useful illustrations around supports for the vines. Good luck with your grapes!