Grape Vines in the GTA


Hi there, where is a good place to purchase grape vines in the Gta? Hoping to get ones that are mature for home growing.



This is an excellent time of year to source out, select and plant grape vines. Regarding your query about ‘mature’ plants: grape vines are grafted on to root stock, and  generally can be purchased in one gallon, or smaller, pots. Grapevine roots grow deeply, and so transplanting a more mature vine is generally not practical. Toronto Master Gardeners encourages our clients to research their interests, and to be in contact directly with nursery retailers. The GTHA is rich in excellent sources for native grape varieties and hybrids. Please discuss with your nursery advisor details as to your soil type, amount of sun, water and space available — and you should be able to make the best selections possible. Salut!