Hello: I am new to Gardening and, as I am retiring, I would like to dedicate time to learn about it so that I can create a garden at home. I would like to start with having healthy and barefoot-walkable grass in my backyard, which is currently filled with weeds. How can I do this without having to sod it which would be very expensive for me? Would planting new seeds do it and, if so, when, and how shall I do it? I am attaching pictures of its current state. Thank you SO MUCH!!



Luckily, you don’t have to lay sod! You CAN seed a lawn.

Here’s the detailed response we gave to another inquirer about reseeding a bad lawn.

Before improving the soil and seeding the lawn, you may want to deal with the weeds. The easiest way to remove all the weeds is by covering the area with plastic, either black or clear. Once again, here is the detailed information provided to another inquirer.

Finally, you can also create a lovely lawn without using grass, which does require a lot of maintenance. The city of Guelph has a great resource on Groundcovers and Lawn Alternatives.

Good luck with creating that great lawn!