Grow Me Some Veggies


I would like to pay someone to turn some seeds I have into veggies for me to eat.


Master Gardeners are volunteers who provide the public with horticultural information, education and inspiration. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to recommend or endorse specific companies that provide physical gardening assistance.  If you wish to go down that route visit for names of gardening companies i.e. landscape gardeners. You will have to contact those companies of interest to you. Bear in mind many landscape gardeners cut grass, rake leaves and prune trees or bushes. It may be hard to find someone who will “turn some seeds (you) have into veggies”.

Actually you may find it very rewarding to grow your own vegetables from seed. It’s a fairly straightforward process. Some seeds prefer to be sown outside directly into the ground, while others do better by being planted in containers, which are kept indoors until they are ready to be planted outside. It’s your choice and it depends on the seeds you have. Instructions for growing will be printed on the package.

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