Growing Avocado From Pit*


What is the best way to grow an avocado from a pit? I have it on toothpicks resting in water.  Should it be in soil instead?




What you have done sounds just right:

  • Choose a pit from a ripe/squishy avocado (this is more like a fruit that dropped off the tree naturally & is ready to sprout)
  • Clean the avocado pit well with water
  • Peel the skin off the pit (not all experts recommend this) – keep track of which is the bottom of the pit
  • Pierce the avocado pit with 3-4 toothpicks at its widest part
  • Perch the avocado pit (fat or “bottom” end down) in a glass or jar and fill the glass with water so that around 2.54 cm (1 inch) of the pit is covered by water
  • Set the glass in a bright window (not direct sunlight), in a warm place
  • Keep water at the same level
  • The seed should sprout in a few days to several weeks (usually 2-6 weeks, but this can take up to a few months) – the top of the pit will split open, and the stem will emerge, followed by the first leaves.
  • When the roots start to fill the glass, and the young plant is around 15 cm (6 inches) high, plant the avocado (roots down) into a pot. Leave the top half of the pit above the soil – -this should remain exposed.
  • Keep the plant in a sunny spot
  • Water often and lightly and pinch back the new top leaves every time the plant grows 15 cm (6 inches) or so for a fuller, bushier plant.
  • Fertilize during the growing season – use a balanced fertilizer
  • If you wish, keep the plant outside during the summer (gradually acclimate it to the outdoors by starting to bring it outside for a few hours each day for a couple of weeks)
  • The plant will likely NOT yield fruit.  In theory, a plant grown from a pit could yield fruit, but this would likely take several years.