Growing Grape Vines in Hunstville



I am looking to grow a mix of Chardonnay, gewurtzaminer, riesling, pinot noir, Cabernet franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I have geothermal blankets lined up for the winter as these varietals will have a hard time in the winter, but I have lots of space on a piece of land that is very rocky and has many hills to plant these vines on.

Please let me know some tips and tricks as this will be a risky endeavour but I am very excited to risk and try.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners .

Huntsville is in growing zone 4a or 4B. This website provides plant hardiness zones in Ontario by city: Hardiness Zones

The plant hardiness zone is important when planting grapes. plants have a limit of cold they can survive: labels on your grapes will assist you with the zone and the variety of grape you currently bought can be planted; Plant Labels and Hardiness Zones

You can look up your grape varieties VIVC: Grape Varieties

OMAFRA also lists grape varieties with details on Growing out of the normal area in Ontario: Wine Grape Production Outside Traditional Areas in Ontario

Some tips are obvious: growing grapes facing south on a slope to gain more sun and warmth. Protecting them from cold winds. This You Tube Video will provide some of the tricks and information in growing in Zone 4. Growing Grapes in a Cold Climate

If you want more tips and tricks to grow grapes you can contact the Grape Growers of Ontario directly; Ontario Wine Growers

The Muskoka Master Gardeners can also be contacted to inquire if they have or know varieties of grapes that can be grown in your area: Muskoka Master Gardeners