Growing Hydrangeas


Hi, I have moved to a new house (Markham area) and for the first time, I have planted 2 ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangea plants on May 4th 2017 in my backyard. How do I keep them healthy? I have added Miracle Gro plant food while planting them, what else should I do. Also was I too early to plant them with fresh garden soil and mixed the original ground soil? I am also worried and confused about how to take care of my perennials. This year I have planted dahlias, globe cedar, dwarf alberta spruce, bleeding hearts, bellis and 3 rose bushes.

I am very nervous and need complete guidance. I have read all the possible literature online in taking care of them. The more I read , the more confused I get. Please help me. Thank you !


Congratulations on all your new garden additions!

The company that produces the ‘Endless Summer’ line of hydrangeas has care instructions that can be found here. Ideally, you would want to make sure that the site you have selected for the hydrangeas is ideal for their growing requirements. Since you have already planted them with new garden soil and added fertilizer, the key will be to keep them well-watered in the first few years of getting established and make sure you follow their care instructions.

For ALL of your new plants, adding a layer of mulch around them will help retain moisture, keep the ground cool during the hot summer months, and prevent weeds from growing and competing with the plants for soil nutrients. Over time, the mulch will break down and add organic matter to the soil, which is beneficial for all soil types. Regarding the variety of perennials and shrubs you have added to your garden, they range in requirements for sun, water, nutrients, etc. and it might be too lengthy to address all of them in this reply. In addition, if you are looking for complete guidance and have already reviewed all the possible online literature, I would recommend consulting with a landscape professional who can address the needs of your entire garden. Landscape Ontario has a find a company page where you can search for a professional in your area.