Growing Maidenhair Ferns Indoors*


I would like to know where to purchase a maidenhair fern and how to look after it.




These native ferns need to be planted in rich fertile soil.  They need to be acclimatized to the heat of the indoors gradually (just like hardening off seedlings to the outdoors).  The heat and dryness of the indoor environment becomes the greatest stressor for these ferns.  Do not place it near a heat source or in the sunny South or West window.  This is a shade plant that loves moisture and well-drained soils.  A bed of pebbles on a tray filled with water will serve it best. The moisture evaporating from the tray is just what the fern wants.  If that is not an option, the fern needs to be misted once a day.  As well, it needs to be planted in well drained soil mixture and watered regularly.   Ideal daytime temperature should be between 18 – 24 degrees.

In terms of  sourcing Maidenhair ferns, the best option is to contact your local garden centre.