Growing Table Grapes on Arbour*


I built a pergola in my backyard and I want to plant grapevines on each post (4) and I was wondering if you could advise on what type of vines for table grapes and if I can plant 4 different kinds of grapevines (greens and reds).
I live in Tillsonburg, Ontario.
Thanks in advance for your time.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding your plan to grow table grapes in your backyard. The following Extension Bulletin from the University of Michigan provides excellent detailed information on all aspects of growing Table Grapes in our climate including specific information for homeowners. Page 16 illustrates in diagrammatic form, a pergola structure and describes its value for producing a good crop, and the methods employed.

The following article by Cornell University lists Table Grape varieties for cool climates of both seeded and seedless types.

We wish you great success in your new planting.