Growing Wild Native Aggressive Plants*


I am growing food for a Wild Organic Study, see Some plants like Jerusalem Artichoke, Groundnut, and Hog Peanut are plants with vines and tuber and will take over.

What is a good way to grow them in a controlled way?

We are also looking for other gardeners who want to grow the original variety of plants like tomato, corn, squash, beans, peas, sunflower etc. Every cultivated plant started with a variety. We are just turning back time a few thousand yrs and restarting agriculture.

We need greenhouses for winter growing.



Hello Peter, compliments on your interesting initiative with the Wild Organic Study.

The main concern is particularly with the Jerusalem Artichoke and Groundnut which can take over an area; you will want to consider a root barrier, or alternatively plant in a raised bed deep enough to prevent lateral rhizomes from escaping.

I would suggest a depth of at least 30 inches .

I helped manage an organic community garden/ farm where we had a large patch of the Jerusalem artichokes, and although they certainly spread within and filled in their patch, they did not however really run that aggressively outside the patch.

So your spacial needs should help dictate what method of control works best for you.

You may also be want to be vigilant about controlling  potential spread of seeds with the legumes (Groundnut, and Hog Peanut).

Good luck with your study and journey back in time !