Growing ( yummy ) Nectarines in Tropical Countries close to the Equator


I bought some Mega Expensize & Ultra-Delicious Nectarines some weeks ago, ate them and collected the pits ( intentionally, to grow them! ) I live in the Tropics with Temperature of 30-31° C (average ) in sunny days and sometimes 29-26° C when Cloudy/Windy/Stormy. Is it Possible to grow them here? Most sites said they need Winter to Bloom, so does that mean they will not fruit here?
Is there any way to make them flower in here? Thank you! I’m so desperate for free nectarines growing in my yard.

Oh, and the The pits are now inside a ziploc with moist tissues inside my Refrigerator. People said it would make them germinate.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your intriguing question about growing nectarines (Prunus persica nectarina) in the tropics.

You are correct that the seed, removed from the pod requires a moist cold treatment, or stratification, in order to germinate and you are fulfilling that requirement with the seeds in moist tissues refrigerated in a ziploc bag.

The challenging part in growing them on is the lack of a cold dormancy period in the tropics, a requirement that triggers fruiting. The following article describes the requirements and methods to achieve fruiting in a tropical atmosphere ://

There is the possibility that fruit produced by your propagated seed may not look and/or taste like the delicious nectarine from which the seed was harvested. The explanation is described in this article:

You are embarking on an interesting adventure. We wish for you the greatest and most delicious result.