Need to do an evergreen hedge along my driveway for privacy due to smoking neighbors. the space is 3 feet and the hedge can be up 59 inches.

Thank you in advance for the assistance


It sounds to me like you are looking for an “instant” hedge due to the situation with your neighbour.  The answer is based on the assumption that there is 3′ planting space between you and your neighbour.

The obvious choice is cedar hedging, which will provide immediate screening.  Cedars are purchased in containers based on their existing height.  A 175 cm Emerald Cedar  (Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’) will be close to the maximum height and width as requested.

The alternatives for evergreen hedging, such as Boxwood (Buxus) and Yew (Tsuga),  will not give you the immediate privacy you require, and will take some years to grow.

I have included more information on evergreen hedging options for your consideration.


We wish you success with your project!