Hedges for balcony



I am interested in having some hedges put onto my balcony, preferably some English ivy. I am not sure how difficult it is to care for them but a really good looking fake one would be good by me. Would it be possible to get recommendations of gardeners or landscape designers who can provide hedges for me?

I am attaching a picture of the hedges at the Colette Grand Cafe in Toronto. I don’t think they are English Ivy but something like this would be ok also.

Thank you



Thanks for asking us these questions. From your photo it appears to be boxwood in the planters. These require a lot of pruning. Your reference to English ivy confuses me as this is a climbing plant ( vine) which is not a hedge or shrub.

Master Gardeners are for answering gardening questions rather than a source of design and labor. For a list of professional gardeners, please consult Landscape Ontario which is their organization. Landscape Ontario is a producer of Canada Blooms, the largest Indoor garden show in Canada.


As passionate gardeners ourselves it would be very hard to recommend an artificial plant for your space although this may be a solution for your particular needs and budget. There are so many wonderful growing hedges out there!

Please think of a few factors before picking and planting your balcony.

How much sun does it get, six hours daily is considered a sunny location. What is the wind like on a regular basis. Are you  home enough to water during the heat of summer. Planters must be properly insulated to allow the plants to survive the winter. Do you want color, variety or winter interest?

Below is a gardening guide written by Master Gardeners to help with your planning.

Evergreens Suitable for Hedging: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide