Just bought 2 potted plants of hellebores at TBG today, Apr 8th and wanted to know when is a best time to transplant them to the ground? Should I do it now or later? If later, should I keep the TBG potted plants indoor or outdoor? This is my very first time to try planting hellebores. Please advise. Thanks.


Once your garden soil has thawed out, dried and the soil is workable, you can transplant your new Hellebores into the ground.  Depending on your garden orientation, our weather and the amount of direct sun your garden gets will determine when the beds will be workable – I would guess anytime in the next few weeks.

When you have determined that soil conditions are right in your chosen location, you can bring your Hellebores out for a short period of time each day, for a few days, in order to harden then off before actually planting them.  As these have been greenhouse grown for market, acclimatizing them to the outdoors will reduce the shock.

Remember to water them in well and continue the watering into the summer.

Hope this helps.