On Friday I purchased a Helleborus at your Garden Store at Canada Blooms and I was wondering how to care for it until I’m able to plant it outside in my garden. Thank you for advice.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. We are closely associated with the Toronto Botanical Garden but we do not sell or endorse any products or services; therefore I assume your Helleborus was purchased from the Toronto Botanical Garden Shop.

Helleborous prefer cool temperatures and bright but indirect light. While they need water like any other plant, they do not tolerate soggy soil or standing water. Since your Helleborus is blooming right now, keep the soil evenly moist; once it is finished blooming, allow the soil to dry out a little between watering (without allowing the plant to wilt). If the leaves turn yellow, it is usually a sign of too much water.

When it is time to plant your Helleborus in the garden, give it a few days to gradually acclimatize before putting it into the ground. It would appreciate a cool spot with good drainage and lots of organic materials, and part shade.

The following website provides more indepth information on these beautiful woodland perennials: Hellebores: Winter Hardy Shade Perennials for the Woodland Garden