Heptacodium miconioides – Seven Son Flower*


I read about this plant in a Marjorie Harris article and on Paul’s Plant Picks on this website. Do you know where I would find it in Toronto? I have been searching for an interesting small tree for some time for our yard and this one has never been suggested at the many garden centers I have visited. I also tried Lost Horizons. Thank-you!


It is a very interesting small tree/shrub! I have one in my backyard and believe it or not I found it at my local hardware store, just lucky I think. Try googling ‘Heptacodium miconoides toronto nurseries’ or the area of your choosing. When I did it I think the third listing was a nursery. I hope you are able to find one, I love mine for the flowers in late summer, lovely red coloring of the petioles¬†(small stems of flowers) in early fall, shaggy bark in winter and interesting leaves in summer.

Good luck!