hibiscus bloom with distinctive two colours


How unusual is this hibiscus bloom? Has bloomed all summer on deck facing lake near Fort York and this opened today!


Dear Gardener, what a magnificent bloom. I have never seen one like it before.

One of our experts has told me that she thinks that the flower is an example of a “sport mutation”. A sport mutation is a genetic mutation which causes a sudden change in the appearance of the plant. This can show up as coloured flecks in a white flower.

The way to reproduce such a sport is through cuttings, and not through sexual propagation. There are a number of YouTube instructional videos that you can watch to find out how to do this. The following Toronto Master Gardener Gardening Guide also offers some fundamental guidance:
I hope you take on this little project. Cuttings from your sport bi-colour hibiscus would be a wonderful way to create an original present for your friends and family.
Happy gardening!