Hinoki falsecypress Spiralis – 4 foot bed



We have a very long and narrow bed that we are starting to plant this spring. We have purchase a Hinoki Falsecypress Spiralis but I am worried the bed is too narrow for the roots to grow. On one side is a chain link fence and the other is patio stone.



Don’t worry. You seem to have made a good choice for your 4 foot wide space.

‘Spiralis’ is a very slow growing dwarf cultivar (1-3 inches per year). It is an upright conifer that typically grows with a twisted trunk in an irregular, narrow conical form with branches spiraling upward and outward. It may reach 3 feet tall over the first 10 years, eventually maturing to as much as 8-12 feet tall over time. Cup shaped, twisted, dark green foliage retains good color throughout winter.

Its width has been listed at anywhere from 2 to 4 feet and it is recommended by several nurseries that sell it as a good choice for courtyard containers.

This adaptable variety doesn’t mind sandy or clay soils and will flourish in any well-drained ground.  It prefers full sun and some wind protection. Hinoki falsecypress ‘Spiralis’ is quite drought tolerant once established and should only be pruned to remove dead or damaged branches.