hole in Catalpa tree base


I noticed this shallow hole in the base of my Catalpa. Should I be worried about it?


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The Utah State University forestry extension article provides information on a wounded tree “When a tree is wounded, it sets up defensive walls against the invasion of decay fungi and other microorganisms. The vessels near the wound are plugged with gums, resins, and chemicals that resist the spread of decay. The living tissues outside of the wounded area will then begin to form a callus layer in an attempt to close the wound” Tree Injury

The Catalpa tree trunk looks healthy. If you know what caused the hole and its not rot or disease and you feel comfortable with the hole in the trunk  you could just let the tree be. In time the tree will grow larger at the base overcoming the hole. The Catalpa will grow 40 to 60 feet tall. Catalpa Tree Information

The Gardening Know How article provides details on tree trunk holes.  The best thing is not to do anything if its not affecting your tree.  Read more at Gardening Know How: Filling Holes In Tree Trunks: How To Patch A Hole In A Tree Trunk Or A Hollow Tree.” Tree Trunk Hole

“Will Trees With Holes Die? The short answer to this is probably not. When a tree develops a hole or if that hole gets larger and creates a hollow tree, most of the time, it is only the heartwood that is affected. The tree only needs the bark and the first few layers beneath the bark to live. These outer layers will often be protected by their own barriers from the rot that creates hollows and holes inside the trees. As long as your tree looks healthy, it is unlikely that the hole in the tree will harm it.
This you tube video by Arborist Blair Glenn shares information on inspecting tree repairs. Inspecting Trees
Lastly, you may wish to contact a certified arborist. To find a certified professional arborist, visit the International Society of Arboriculture’s searchable database here.