Horticultural advice for a large townhouse community



As an avid gardener, I have a request. I currently reside in a large townhouse community in Toronto, with approximately 28 acres of land.

What is the possibility of tapping into the expertise and experience of one of TMG’s to provide advice on how to enhance our community? I look forward to discussing this initiative.

Many thanks.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners about landscaping your townhouse property. Within the scope of 28 acres, there are many considerations such as soil quality, potential use of space, maintenance, environmentally friendly materials, plants (annual and perennial) for sun and shade, trees and shrubs for height and structure. The website below details 10 planning tips for garden design:

10 Tips for Garden Design

The Toronto Master Gardener website offers individual Garden Guides on trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals, plus details on soil, native and invasive plants plus developing pollinator gardens. The TMG ASK website can help with questions on care of individual plants and specific growing problems.

When planning the structure and installation of gardens for a 28 acre location, contact a reliable landscaper designer and contractor with knowledge and expertise for large sites. Landscape Ontario website can help with recommendations:

Landscape Ontario

If questions arise with individual plants, shrubs or trees during the planning process, please feel free to contact our ASK website. Good luck with this exciting planting venture.