Horticultural sand


Do you where I purchase horticultural sand in Toronto? I am trying to stop gnats from spreading that have started to appear from few hot pepper plants that I have brought in to overwinter. Thank you!


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. I suggest looking for horticultural sand at a garden centre that sells a variety of bagged soil products. A place to start is the Landscape Ontario website which has a list of retail garden centres. Here is a link :

Landscape Ontario

Below is an article about fungus gnats that might be helpful. Please note that the information about pesticides (chemical controls) in this article applies in the US and not in Canada. The use of pesticides in Ontario for cosmetic purposes in home lawns and gardens is strictly controlled by law. The second link below contains an Allowable list of active ingredients that can be used in Ontario.

Missouri Botanical Garden – Fungus gnats

Pesticides (home lawns and gardens) in Ontario

Good luck with your hot pepper plants !

Dec 5, 2021