How do I take bouquets of lilacs indoors without them wilting?*


I have a Persian lilac bush, and like to bring bouquets indoors. But how do I keep the blossoms from wilting? I have heard that using hot water in the vase is helpful. Do you have any other advice? Thank you.



Thank you for writing, and one can almost smell the heady fragrance of your lilac blossoms while reading this ! You are not alone in your query, and attached is a link to the answer previously provided by another Toronto Master Gardener. In essence:

  • cut lilac stems in early morning, when the plant is most fully hydrated;
  • use only sharp shears, and cut at a 45° angle to expose a greater cell area;
  • immediately plunge into water, do not wait until you get indoors, to your vase;
  • warm (not hot) water will promote greater uptake of water in the stems;
  • Regularly check water level, and re-cut stems, under water, to prevent air bubbles from blocking water transfer, and some gardeners even cross-cut thicker, woodier stems.

While this may seem like a very exacting set of instructions, you will find it is well worth the results ! Happy Spring!